(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Excited by something]
Syn. interested, fascinated, animated, willing, thrilled, fevered, feverish, flushed, concerned, pleased, excited, attracted, titillated, exhilarated, anxious, tantalized, athirst, ablaze, agog, intent, eager, heated, breathless, all hepped up*, keyed up*, charged up*, pumped up*, psyched up*, psyched*, dying to*.
Ant. indifferent*, detached, uninterested.
2. [Strongly in favor of something]
Syn. keen, ardent, zealous, avid, passionate, fervent, enthused, inflamed, tireless, absorbed, rapt, devoted, diligent, resolute, indefatigable, deSirous, eager, steadfast, assiduous, sleepless, impassioned, partial, voracious, yearning, longing, deSiring, sedulous, burning, glowing, warm, spirited, zestful, fervid, ecstatic, transported, impatient, delighted, rapturous, enraptured, rhapsodic, intent, vehement, effusive, gushing, keen on, keen about, wild about*, crazy about*, mad about*, gone on*, hot on*, all worked up over*, nuts about*, gaga over*, jumping at*, all hopped up over*, ape over*, hot for*, gung-ho*, ready and willing*, champing at the bit*, dying to*, aching for*, aching to*, hyped on*.
Ant. opposed*, reluctant, apathetic.
3. [Inclined to enthusiasm]
Syn. excitable, warm, ardent, forward, passionate, earnest, impetuous, impatient, aspiring, spirited, vivacious, effervescent, exuberant, willing, inclined, possessed, inspired, intense, hot, impulsive, fiery, rabid, sanguine, maniacal, ambitious, ebullient, mercurial, apt for, overeager, given to enthusiasm(s), not prudent, not restrained.
Ant. dull*, lethargic, sluggish.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
eager, keen, fervent, interested, zealous, passionate, ardent, exuberant, spirited, wholehearted, avid, hot, rabid.
ANT.: apathetic, indifferent, halfhearted
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective Showing or having enthusiasm: ardent, fervent, keen1, mad, rabid, warm, zealous. Informal: crazy. Slang: gung ho, nuts. See CONCERN.

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